Mount Holly Fish and Game Association


We are going to have a mid- summer block shoot on July 25th. Sign up will be at 6pm and the shoot will start at 6:30 pm.  We will now only allow 36 inch barrels at the shoot, and the price will be going from $5 to $6 to shoot 1 time in each of our  4 rounds.   

Pic#1 - Running Deer Junior Class - Left to right - Logan Jaureseweski  1st Place Running Deer & 1st Place 200

                             yard, Ben Bretzman 2nd Place Running Deer.
Pic#2 - Running Deer Open Site Class - Left to right - Rich Starner 3rd Place Running Deer, Barry Rexroth 2nd

                             Place Running Deer, Lynn Rexroth 1st Place Running Deer & 1st Place 200 Yard, Buzz Frey 2nd Place 200

Pic#3 - Running Deer Special Awards - Left to right - Dominick Reever  & Jared Keul..

Pic#1- Running Deer 1st Class - Left to right - Dave Helstowski 3rd Place Running Deer, Robert Eberly 2nd Place

                             Running Deer, Shawn Sennett Jr. 1st Place Running Deer, Leland King 1st Place 200 Yard, Matt Martin 2nd

                             Place 200 yard.
Pic#2- Running Deer 3rd Class - Left to right - Dominick Reever 2nd Place 200 Yard, Everett Grove 2nd Place

                             Running Deer, Bill Shoenberger Jr. 1st Place Running Deer, Colin Kehr 3rd Place Running Deer.  

                             Not Pictured Bob Sedlak 1st Place 200 Yard.
Pic#3 - Running Deer 2nd Class - Left to right - Wayne Gibson 4th Place Running Deer, Jack Hawbacker 3rd Place

                             Running Deer & 2nd Place 200 yard, Joe Tocco Sr. 2nd Place Running Deer, Johnathan Trivetter 1st Place

                             Running Deer,

                             Not Pictured Andy Shughart 1st Place 200 yard.

Pic#1 - Winner of the Block Shoot King of the Mountain - Frank Bullock
Pic#2 - Left to right Highest Score of the Year in Running Deer - Rick Campbell with a Score of 77.

              Most Improved Shooter - Joe Tocco Sr.
Pic#3 - Running Deer Expert Class - Left to right - Rick Campbell 3rd Place Running Deer, Joe Tocco Jr. 2nd Place Running Deer

              Vinnie Tocco 1st place Running Deer and 1st place 200 Yard, Shawn Sennett Sr. 2nd Place 200 Yard.