Spring of 2019 

Registration  -  See PA Game Commission Website for more information.

Starts - 8:00am

Lunch Provided

For more Information call Terry Starner 717-226-6676


2018 Running Deer Shoot Results

Expert Class Running Deer: 1st Place- Joe Tocco Jr.    2nd Place - Brady Barry   3rd Place - Zach Barry

Expert Class 200 Yard:  1st Place-  Brady Barry    2nd Place - Zach Barry

1st Class Running Deer: 1st Place - Tony Tocco,  2nd Place- Shawn Sennett Jr. ,   3rd Place - Dave Group

1st Class 200 Yard:  1st Place - Shawn Sennett Jr.  2nd Place- Rich Starner

2nd Class Running Deer:  1st Place - Todd Warner,  2nd Place- Brianna Bretzman,  3rd Place- Chad Kehr

2nd Class 200 Yard:  1st Place - Jack Hawbaker,  2nd Place- Bill ShoenbergerJr.

3rd Class Running Deer: 1st Place - Eric Wickline,  2nd Place- Sid Miller, 3rd Place- Brian Starner, 4th Place- Dalton Grove

3rd Class 200 Yard: 1st Place- Eric Wickline,  2nd Place- Brian Starner

Jr. Class Running Deer: 1st Place - Colton Kehr      Jr. Class 200 Yard:  1st Place - Colton Kehr

Open Site Running Deer: 1st Place- Brady Barry,  2nd Place- Zach Barry,  3rd Place - Joe Tocco Jr.

Open Site 200 Yard:  1st Place- Buzz Frey,  2nd Place- Brady Barry

High Score of the Year: Joe Tocco Jr. - Score 79                Most Improved Shooter 2017-2018:  Mike Michaels - Up 13.5

Shoots start at - 11:00 am

Upcoming Shoots:


January - 19
February - 2, 16
March -  2, 16, 30

Contact - Buzz Frey - 717-528-8749


None scheduled at this time. Looking for someone to run this committee. If interested contact Brad King at 717-432-9276


We are looking into starting a Black Powder Shoot. Primitive rifles only. No in-lines. If interested in either participating or volunteering check the Black Powder box on your membership application or contact Dave Meloy by phone at 432-8326 or email davidmeloy@comcast.net



Registration - 6:00 pm

Shoot Starts - 6:30 pm

Cost - $6.00/shoot in each of 4 rounds

Maximum barrel length increased to 36"

Upcoming Shoots   

2019 Block Shoots will start first  Saturday night January 5, and run every Saturday night thru March 30th.  

​Special Big Cash Shoots - February 9th & March 9th 2019

Contact - Terry Starner - 717-226-6676 or Brad King 717-432-9276

Mount Holly Fish and Game Association

Varmint Shoots

2018 Varmint Shoot Results

Expert Class :    1st Place - Zach Barry        2nd Place - Tied Joe Tocco Jr. & Vinnie Tocco 

​1st Class:           1st Place - Dan Group        2nd Place - Shane Anthony

2nd Class:          1st Place - Matt Ruppert     2nd Place - Dalton Grove

3rd Class:           1st Place - Terry Starner    2nd Place - Eric Wickline       

Jr. Class:             1st Place- Hope Pontius    2nd Place - Anna Pontius

Shoots start at - 7:00 pm

Upcoming Shoots:


January - 25

February - 8, 22

March -  8

Contact - Bob Redmond - 717-486-4619

                Brad King - 717-432-9276 or bbdr4king@comcast.net