Mount Holly Fish and Game Association

Running Deer Shoot

Mt. Holly Fish & Game offers an inside and outside archery range with a variety of challenging shots.  
The indoor range is 20 yards with a stacked fiber board backer.  The indoor range is available 24 hours/7 days to members in good standing with a club key.  (See any Board Member or Director for a club key.)  Field points only.  NO BROADHEADS.
The outdoor range offers bag targets 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards and can now accommodate Crossbows.  FIELD POINTS ONLY, NO BROADHEADS!  (Please read ALL rules and regulations for Archery)
For more information about the ranges contact: Pete Coulson 717-486-3596

PO Box 144

Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065
(717) 486-7710


Monthly Club Meeting (every 3rd Monday) at 7:00 pm

  All Members Welcome!

Directors & Officers Meeting 7:00 pm 


The Clubhouse & Grounds will now be open to club members 

Saturday September 9th 2017.

Group that was going to rent the facility has cancelled their event. 

Block Shoot

Rifle Range

We have just installed new benches for our rifle range. 
(Please read ALL rules and regulations for the Rifle Range)

For more information please contact: ~~Cliff Faircloth 717-528-0138

 Indoor & Outdoor Archery Ranges

Check out the NEW and Improved Targets!!!!

Here is a current list of key personnel with contact information if you should have further questions:

President - - Brad King       717-432-9276

1st Vice President - - Jeff Black               

2nd Vice President - - Gary Beatty

Recording Secretary - - Eric Wickline       717-528-8296
Financial Secretary - - David Meloy

Treasurer - - Terry Starner      717-258-5566         717-226-6676
Board of Directors:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors - Marlin Ditmer (2017)       717-766-3741        717-649-5257
  • Buzz Frey                          (2021)       717-528-8749      717-226-2911
  • Pete Coulson                      (2018)       717-486-3956     
  • Bob Redmond                    (2019)       717-486-4619     
  • Sid Miller                           (2020)       717-697-5538   

Buildings & Grounds - - Marlin Ditmer      717-766-3741    717- 649-5257

Kitchen - - Terry Starner        717-226-6676

Rifle Range - - Cliff Faircloth     717-528-0138
Archery Ranges

Block Shoots   

Running Deer  

Hunter Safety - - Terry Starner       717-226-6676

Web Manager/Newsletter Editor - -  

New Apparel Coming Soon!

See any of the Directors or Officers at the Shoots if interested!

  1. T-Shirts & Sweatshirts are available in Grey in L - XL, 2X - 3X, and Camo L - 3X

  2. Ball Caps are available in either Camo or Hunter Orange  

****If you are interested in any of the items listed above please note the number and size on your membership application and include the purchase price with your yearly dues.  Items will then be available for pick up at the next monthly meeting along with your membership card.

Mt Holly Springs Fish & Game Apparel and Patches

Pond size: Approx. 1 acre 
Pond depth: Approx. 10 feet at the deepest end
Fish: Trout ( rainbow and gold or palomino), Bass, Sunfish, and Catfish
 (Please read ALL rules and regulations for the Pond)
For more information regarding the Fishing Derby, fishing times etc. contact Rob Robinson 717-491-7366


Block shoots are a friendly competition where you bring your own shotgun and shoot a single shell at a 4" square card with an "X" running from corner to corner.  Those with pellets closest to the center of the "X" win prizes. 
While you wait your turn to shoot tickets are sold and prizes are awarded by spinning a numbered  wheel.  Hunting and fishing stories (lies) are shared and food is available for all to enjoy, we have also added a play area for the kids so feel free to bring them along.  An all around good time in a family atmosphere.
We are always looking for a few volunteers to help out during the block shoots.  Just ask someone working where you can help out. (Please read ALL rules and regulations for the Block Shoots)

For more information contact ~~Terry Starner 717-258-5566 or Brad King 717-432-9276

ATTENTION TO ALL CLUB MEMBERS & ASSOCIATES! THERE IS NEVER TO BE ANY ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ON CLUB GROUNDS AT ANYTIME!                                                                                   

                                                                                                       THANK YOU,

                                                                                       MHFG BOARD OF DIRECTORS

Shooting time is 8am until 1/2 hour after sunset daily. No fully automatic weapons are permitted.  There is no restriction on handgun calibers or rapidity of firing.  Human silhouette targets are permitted for practice in self defense shooting.  Shooting is restricted to the pavilion.  No targets other than the four target boards will be used.  If 2 or more shooters are using the range, they will establish a range officer to coordinate shooting and posting/checking targets. Shooters must be respectful and considerate of each other.  If the archery tower and the handgun range are in us simultaneously, shooters must coordinate with each other for mutual protection.  When finished, shooters will remove all brass, trash and targets.  (Please read All rules and regulations for the Handgun Range)

For more information please contact:  ~~Cliff Faircloth 717-528-0138

Pistol Range

 If any of our members out there would like to help out the club please email us to set up a meeting! 

​Please see Rules page for information regarding this shoot!

For more information please contact: Buzz Frey ~~717-528-8749